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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

New Years Resolution #1
Learn how to blog with the best of them.

I'm not sure how I will fair, but I am determined to try.
Now, what to talk about? That really is the bigger picture!

For right now I think I'll just write about myself.

I am a transplant from beautiful, sunny and sometimes very hot California, to Washington State.

The trip took my husband and I three days with two cats, who wanted nothing to do with their cat carrier or the hotels we where sleeping in. It was hard to hear them cry non-stop during the trip. I felt so bad for them and myself for doing it to them. But, we managed and finally arrived.

Why the move? My husbands job took us there. It was a promotion inside his company and they needed a computer nerd to help one of their parent companies with the IT department. He fit the bill and we moved.

The first six months were hard to deal with. We live in perpetual sun in California and needless to say, yes Washington can get a lot of rain and dark, short days. Thank GOD for vitamin D! I take it everyday and I have never felt the "blues" again from the weather. I handle it much better now. I actually enjoy it more than all the sunny days in California.

We talk a lot about going back to California but, I think we have come to think of Washington as home now. We have created a life here and it seems to suit us. We both miss our families, but we know we can do a plane ride home any time.

As for my first New Years Resolution, I can officially say... Done!

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