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Saturday, January 17, 2009

CPSIA-The Real Cost to US!

So many small business owners are worried about the new law (CPSIA) that is coming in effect on February 10th 2009, written by the CPSC.

Well, they should be.

The CPSC has no idea of the real costs to the average small business owner who sells children's goods.
We are required by law to test every component in every product we sell. For instance, I sell bibs in my store. There are 6 components to each of my bibs; 2 layers of fabric, 1 layer of batting, thread, a snap closure, and a tag I will be required to place on my bib for identification and tracking.

Lead testing: 6 components @ $70 each equals $420.00
Phthalates (A softener for plastics) 6 components @ $350 each equals $2100.00
Total Testing $2520.00

A bib selling for $10.00 will now sell for $2530.00

Welcome to the NEW world of children's items 2009!

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