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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Resolutions - Update

Well, some of you know that I have been doing a financial Resolution to watch my money this year and I thought it was time to do an update.

These last few months I have had a great deal of success and I have amazed myself at how well I have taken on this task and actually enjoyed getting creative and what has surprised me most is the little time I have had to invest in making it happen.  Maybe I am one of those coupon ladies without the side of crazy.

Well, lets list the deals for the past two months that really have stood out for me.

In March:

We went to the movies for $10.75 and, yes, it was a night time showing.
     - We love the movie clubs!  Another FREE ticket.

I brought down my weekly grocery bill from $100 on average to about $80 a week.
     - Coupons and weekly buys.  Its not as hard as I thought.

We went to dinner for $11.00.
   -Part birthday club and happy hour deals.  Drinks, two appetizers and two of the most amazing burgers, which we ended up bringing home, because we were full from the appetizers.


In April:

We saved $338 dollars on a bed we desperately needed.

    -A no interest loan paid off within the deferred time allotted, but you have to be good about paying more than they ask on the bill to do this.

We went to dinner for $2.00.
     -A survey discount, anniversary gift card and anniversary coupon.  
     -I used a receipt from a former visit, did their survey and received $5 off our next meal.  
     -We are FB fans and they sent us a coupon for two free appetizers for our anniversary.
     -We had a gift certificate.

After two drinks, two appetizers and two full dinners and all the above taken off we came away paying $2.00!

So, this kind of life really can be done.  

Our grand total of savings for the last two months was around $550.75.  

Three cheers for resolutions! 

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