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Monday, June 4, 2012


 We are especially excited about our second release of our Children's Art appropriately called "Flags".  

We love our neutral Flag piece.  It's a warm, wonderful piece that would fit well in your child's room. 

Flags, by far, is going to be one of our most flexible pieces that can be customized to your tastes.  

You don't see a color that appeals to you?  We can customize the flags and background to what you want. 

Choose something a little more bold in color and it will surely catch anyone's eye. 

Maybe a more softer color palette would be best for you to brighten your little mans room.

Not to be out done by the boys we also have a set for the girls too! 

The pretty in pink is as tasty as cotton candy and will make your littler girls room stand out from all the rest.

Our next set of children's art is in the prettiest of purples and can be changed to a deeper purple to the lightest of purples to meet your needs.

If pastels are what you are looking for than look no further.

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