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Friday, October 16, 2009

Project Fun Friday - Floaters & Sinkers

A large clear bowl or
2 liter soda bottle, 4" cut off of the top
Items that float
Items that sink

This is a basic science project that will require items you already have in your home and will engage your child to use their thought process to determine which of the items will float or sink.

Have your child choose one item from the tray.

Before they place the item in the bowl ask them questions about the item.

What is the item you have chosen?
How do we use this everyday?
Is it heavy of light?
Do you think this will float or sink in the bowl?

Have you child place the item in the bowl.

Ask more questions.
Did the item float or sink?
Where you correct about your original guess?

Record the results on your chart.

The great thing about this project is that its FREE, it doesn't require you to purchased anything, it takes little time to prepare, and it is a fun project your little one will like and best of all it gets them to think.

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