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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's the LITTLE things

I have decided that I don't blog nearly enough and Twitter, as fun and instant as it is, limits us to 140 characters.

I am going to use my teaching skills to motivate me with my new task of blogging on a more consistent basis. Every Friday I will post a cooking recipe, an art project, or even a silly song you can teach your child.

You won't need hours to prepare or even hours to do the project. Each project was originally designed to be done in 60 minutes or less based on 12 or more children.

The object is to spend some quality, one on one time, with your child building a strong bond and shared memory for the both of you to file away.

I once remember seeing an interview with a young girl, who's mother died of cancer, and she was asked what her favorite memory of her mother was and she replied "It was the nights when my mother couldn't sleep, because of the pain, that we would sit at the kitchen table sharing a bowl of cereal together." She didn't say it was when we went to Disneyland or that she bought me tons of clothes or that she put me in ballet classes, it was the small memory of her quiet nights with her mother sharing a bowl of Cheerios.

It's the small things, that at the time we don't think too much of but, file away in our minds that mean everything to us later in life. I can remember helping my great grandmother, Amy Rose, make a pie from scratch, without a recipe, with lemons we had pulled from the lemon tree in the backyard to make a lemon meringue pie. It was how her daughter, my grandmother, could be led into a childhood joke by her grandchildren and how she fell for it every time. Although I highly suspect that she knew what we were doing but, always let us get away with it anyway, so that she could see us laugh. She couldn't have thought there was a bird flying around in the house every Christmas, could she? It is the small things we remember.

Next Friday I will begin to share these memory making moments you can give your family.