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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines Day Craft Fair

Valentines Day Craft Show, Saturday, February 7th

Here is a picture of my set up at the Valentines Day Craft Fair I was a vendor at.

I have been to a lot of craft fairs, but I have never really been enticed to actually be a vendor at one. With the encouragement of my husband I decided to do it. I also must add my husband sat with me at the fair all day long! What a trooper!

I wish I had more time to have added more of my items, or had a better set-up on my table, but I ran out of badly needed steam to do it! All in all I am pretty happy with my display for a first timer.

The day was fun and I met some great customers as well as a lot of the Etsy community, who were also vendors at the show as well as browsers.

Please, check out a local vendor who blogged about me and my display at the fair!

She also has an Etsy store, Home Style.


  1. Hey AmyRose! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the table cloth - such a great idea! One of my bestest friends and I will be doing a show mid March and I have been wanting to do something with my name on it - love that!!! I think your display looks great :) I should find the picture of our first farmer's market - SO SAD! I'm dying to know what is in those darling little boxes next to your sweet dollie :) Lots of love to you!

  2. Your display is GREAT! I also love the way you did your name. Hope you had a great show!

  3. Amyrose, LOVE that table cloth--nice job! Did you get the craft fair bug yet? ;) I did my first two last Nov/Dec and loved it. Found photos of other tables in flickr to get ideas for set up.