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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Fun Friday - Color Mix

Mixing Colors

Tempura Paint, Red, Yellow & Blue

Plastic Ziploc Bag

Durable Tape *

Following the chart above, squirt two of the colors in the plastic bag and seal it.

Have your child rub the two sides of the plastic bag together between their hands for a

count of five. Inspect the bag with your child discussing the the color inside the bag.

Repeat this process until the color has transformed into the color on the chart.

The idea of this process it to have your child use their thought process to determine the outcome without knowing it before hand as well as working their motor skills and counting skills.

* Using the tape is optional, but if you want an extra safety precaution from keeping the paint coming out of the top than I would do this. I never used the tape and the bag always stayed sealed, but mishaps do happen.

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